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HIPP about Health's mission is to educate, inspire and motivate our communities to become Healthy, Inspired, Prayerful and Purposeful about being good stewards of the body God gave them, which is His temple.

Your membership subscription no only give your access to thousands of resources, products and events to educate, inspire and motivate you, but you will also help us keep our movement going further, wider and deeper, across the world, particularly keeping our Free Breakfast education program, FREE.

Only Available to Member: Every month we focus on different diseases to educate, inspire and motivate those struggling to better manage or better yet, overcome sickness. For those ready to prevent diseases, there will also be monthly programs to get or keep your health on track to a long and healthy life.

See below for more benefits to join our HIPP about Health membership:

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£3.50per month

  • Exclusive access to hundreds of online courses, docuseries and resources
  • Learn how to overcome or manage diseases like Fibroids, Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia, Depression and much much more
  • 60mins Free Consultation with a Health/Nutritional Coach
  • Discounts on products and services offered by HIPP Partners
  • Access to HIPP Whatsapp groups, fellowship with others on your same health journey
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Opportunities to Share & Hear others' Testimonials
  • Video Blogs - opportunity to journal your health journey

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