Support the HIPP Movement

HIPP about Health was launched in April 2017 with a seminar on Fibroids and transforming women's reproductive health with simple strategies to change the way we see our bodies. Women had the opportunity to break the silence on topics like infertility, sharing their struggles and hearing how others overcame those same conditions.

HIPP about Health aims to spread our message of faith and hope in a loving heavenly Father that has already provided the wisdom, knowledge and resources for everyone to live HIPP - Healthy, Inspired, Prayerful and Purposeful about their spirit, soul and body.

Help us get this message out, through our launch of our interactive and informative website, video and radio shows, local workshops and support groups around the world. We have already established HIPP Sisters in the United Kingdom, United States, Bahamas, Antigua, Nigeria and Guyana. Support us to solidify our message and expand our reach around the world.