Paradigm Pure Health will be in a HIPP Health Lab at the Choose Life! Get HIPP about Your Health Conference on Saturday 14th April 2018 providing their scanning services to support individuals in achieving wellness - Don't miss this opportunity.


Paradigm Pure Health is a natural health and well-being consultancy service that promotes holistic health solutions, with the aid of cutting edge technology through consultation, education, coaching and lifestyle change.

We also deliver seminars and workshops on a variety of health topics. Our popular talks are below but we are happy to speak on other health/wellness/mindset topics.

  1. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Health – Benefits of Health Scanning to gain insights into silent areas of imbalance in your health.
  2. Gut health – The link between your Gut, emotions and many health conditions – Benefits of Cellular Detoxification
  3. Emotional Well-being and your health – How stress or psychological distress impacts on your health.