We owe it to ourselves!


So it’s a new year.  I am sure that you are familiar with the saying ‘new year, new you’.  What’s the plan?  Notice I didn’t ask what’s the new year’s resolution? I trust that you haven’t followed the old tradition of making a list of new year resolutions; a list that does not consider you holistically, a list that just focusses on getting this or that done, or accomplishing this or that goal and not enough on taking care of you.  Have you looked back and also brought forward the goals from last year plus added new goals for this new year?  How many items are on the list of things you want to do?  Is the list long enough to be doable and short enough so as not to overwhelm you?  Did you take a break, a time out to sit and really consider what is important for you before making that list? Is one of the items, self-care i.e taking care of your body, mind and spirit?  Or is it all about what is external to you?

I repeat, what’s the plan? I encourage you to look at it again.  I encourage you to make taking care of yourself the top priority.  Remember, if you are not healthy you will not be able to serve all those persons, goals and plans efficiently or effectively.  You are the one constant, yes, the common denominator!

Dr. Mark Hyman reminds us that it’s time to increase our efforts on things like cutting out sugar, eating more real/whole foods, meditating (which has been proven to boost the immune system and improve our overall health and wellness), exercising regularly (someone said that movement is life!), reducing stress (did you know that stress makes us more susceptible to viruses/), making time to relax, getting better sleep (sleep is restorative) and of course hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  On way to start taking care of yourself this month is by joining the upcoming HIPP 21 Day Detox & Reset Program .  Join us! You won’t regret it! your body will thank you for it! ?

We must also plan to be kind to ourselves.  Sometimes we are too ready to be harsh or to punish ourselves.  Go easy on yourself. Beware of the negative self-talk. Make time to do things you enjoy. Yes, I said MAKE TIME.  (schedule time and guard that time!) ? Somehow we have gotten to the place of thinking that we don’t have time for us…,but for everything else!  Don’t you agree that there is something that’s not ‘all right’ with that mindset?  Spend time with friends and love ones. Practice love. It is said that one experiences a feeling of inner peace when one focuses on caring for yourself and the people around you.  Schedule time for spirituality, prayer and quiet time, read, study and fellowship.

Happy New Year to you and your families! Here’s to a healthy, peaceful, brighter and transformational (in all the best ways) 2021!  May peace be within your walls and prosperity within your gates! ?

Much love and blessings.



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