Welcome to Mindset Monday!

It’s been a while. How have you been doing?  I trust you all are keeping safe and healthy; not just physically but psychologically as well.  Are you making your mental wellbeing a priority?

Today I want to remind you that #flipping the script is a very important tool as it is an essential practice. Our mindset is our gathering or collection of attitudes; these then translate into how we respond to challenges, how we express gratitude, how we manage our time and how we take care of ourselves.   These are some of the parts of our lives that we can pay attention or access to improve our understanding of our mindset.

Sometimes it’s about how we see things.  As the saying goes ‘perception is everything’.  One study showed that those who view stress as enhancing rather than incapacitating, had fewer psychological stress responses like anxiety, depression and anger.

Did you know that when we take the time to shift our perspective into a more positive light our entire body reaps the benefits?

Creating a morning routine which involves, prayer/meditation, journaling, and movement (which could be stretching, walking, gardening or whatever form of exercise you choose), can be a vital part of making the most of your day.

Blessings for a great day and rest of the week 😊



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