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Mindset – Dictionary definition

1: A mental attitude, intention, or inclination.

Jane and Michael Stern said that ‘It isn’t only the freshness of the fruit that makes breakfast in California restaurants outstanding. It’s an attitude, a morning mindset, a desire to start the day in a leisurely, luxurious manner’ unquote.

2: A fixed state of mind – a fixed attitude, disposition, or mood.

His mindset does not allow give space for new situations. His conservative mindset oftentimes causes him to miss out on valuable opportunities

Mindset – Medical definition

A mental inclination, tendency, or habit.

Mindset also refers to whether you believe qualities are changeable.  We are told that there are two different types of mindsets; Fixed mindset and Growth mindset.  Research shows that people with fixed mindsets believe that qualities are inborn, fixed, and therefore cannot be changed.  While people with growth mindsets believe that abilities can be developed and reinforced by work and commitment to the process.

Short quiz? 😊  See if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  1. People are born with a specific amount of intelligence, and there is no way to change that.
  2. There is very little a person can do to improve their personality and basic abilities, irrespective of who they are.
  3. People have the ability and can change who they are.
  4. We can learn new things and improve our intelligence.
  5. People cannot simply acquire talent for things like music, art, athletics, or writing. You either have certain talents or you don’t.
  6. Activities such as studying, working hard, and practising new skills, are all ways for us to develop new talents and abilities.

One researcher says that if you are inclined to agree with statements a, b and e, then you probably have more of a fixed mindset.  On the other hand, if you tend to agree with statements c, d, and f, then you probably have more of a growth mindset.

Let me pause here to say that the above is in no way intended to label or to have you label yourself, but instead for your consideration 😊 and maybe a bit of self-assessment, and maybe some work in one direction or another.

We are capable of changing our mindsets.  Focusing on the process rather than the outcome, we can understand that our efforts and commitment can result in change, learning and growth now as well as in the future.

My favourite book encourages us to ‘be transformed by the renewing of our minds’; to ‘think on things that are praiseworthy’, to ‘prepare our minds for action and being sober-minded’, to ‘be renewed in the spirit of our minds’ and the list goes on.

#Thinkonthesethings 😊


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