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Hello friends, how are you doing on this good Monday?  I trust that you are keeping healthy and safe.  For those following the HIPP 21 Day Detox programme, are you managing just fine, or barely holding it together? ?  Well, either way, it’s been 2 weeks and you made it this far! Good going! One more week to go!

Choose praise over criticism

Talking about detox, have you focused much on detoxing your mind over these past weeks? You may recall, my encouragement to you as regards, watching your internal conversation. How’s it that coming along? Have you been working on silencing the negative self-talk?  Perfect practice makes perfect!  So, don’t give up, keep at it.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Remember to be kind to yourself.  Many of us seem programmed to see only the ‘not so good’ things about ourselves, the things that we should be and currently are not, the things we should do but haven’t done, etc.  Really?! Come on! I want to challenge you to take a few minutes and think of 7 great things about yourself, or even better, write them down. That’s right, I said SEVEN!… and don’t you even try to take all day to think of them…I’m waiting! ?

I invite you to treat yourself like you would your best friend, or better yet like you would a toddler.  When a child is learning to walk and stumbles, you don’t say, Idiot! Get up! Stupid, or ‘What’s wrong with you, can’t you walk properly?!  You say oops! And run to their aid, speaking with soft, soothing words don’t you?  You exercise more patience than you thought you had. You communicate that it’s ok, it’s not such a big deal and you are full of encouragement to try again. You offer comfort and reassurance, don’t you?

I want to remind you to choose praise over criticism, for praise builds and criticism withers.  Praise yourself!  We know that when it comes to boosting self-esteem, nothing compares to praise.  Don’t you worry about that old saying ‘self-praise is no recommendation’ it has no place in this discussion!  Many of us believe that praise should only come from other people (external). I beg to differ.  Praising yourself holds tremendous power.   Having trouble digesting this view? Think of it this way, when others praise you, we know that they could often have an agenda, and even if that agenda is not malicious, perhaps they could be trying to flatter you to be their friend, to obtain favour from you, or that you would praise them in return.

When we praise ourselves using direct and pertinent language, our mind can only believe it, and therein lies the benefit for us.  When we praise ourselves, we are not operating from a distrustful agenda.  Simply put, praising ourselves is merely improving our internal dialogue.  Try it, it is easier than you think ?.  Tell yourself that you are caring, kind, and warm; a good sister/brother, friend, mother/father, colleague, etc. Whether you met the mark for the HIPP 21 Day Detox every day for the past 2 weeks or just a few days; praise yourself for that!  Praising yourself for who you are, is equally as important and beneficial as praising yourself for what you do and is said to be the fastest way to increase your self-esteem.

Ok now, where is your list of the 7 great things about yourself?

#Thinkonthesethings ?


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