Welcome to Mindset Monday! 😊

Hello there! How are you all doing this fine Monday? I trust you had a pleasant weekend. Today I would like to invite you to reflect on how you manage processes in your lives; if at all.

When we commit to ‘the process’, we set ourselves up for the result(s) that we seek. Shall I say to you that if you want a certain result, don’t just focus on the result, but equally as important and even more so, focus on what you do every day. It is quite easy to become obsessed about the results of anything, relationships, career etc. and as a result, just as easy to ‘bear left’ (you drivers will get that GPS reference 😊)

We have often heard the phrase ‘trust the process’; quite cliché 😊. However, we tend to do the opposite of this and can get quite frantic especially when things are not happening the way we expect.
Today, I invite you to pause and zero in on how you are managing that process, or whether you are managing it at all. How do you start the day? Are you managing your ‘things to do’; or just a few items and others either fall into or out of place? How are you studying? How is your discipline? Are you doing the things you need to do to move forward?

When we consciously and serious manage the process, we will see growth happening. It is critically important to ensure that we are actively managing our process every single day.

Remember, success is not accidental, and neither are results. The place you ‘end up’ is directly correlated to the way you managed the process…or not. When we don’t remain committed to properly managing the process, we could ‘end up’ at an unintended destination. Believe it or not, success is intentional 😊

Going forward, let’s continue to take steps to actively manage the processes in our lives and remain committed to doing so.



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