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Forgiveness – the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

Forgiveness is said to be similar to absolution, acquittal, exoneration, indulgence, mercy, pardon, remission, reprieve, tolerance, understanding, vindication and the list goes on.

Intentional and voluntary, forgiveness is a choice that one makes to forgive another.  When we forgive someone, we make a conscious and deliberate decision to release the feelings of resentment and let go of the negative emotions directed at, or associated with that person or the incident/situation. This is also done regardless of whether we think that person is deserving.

Most times when we think of forgiving and or forgiveness, we think of it as directed someone else.  Some of us are good at practicing forgiveness … of others.  What about you?  Have you forgiven yourself? Do you think that you are deserving of forgiveness…from you?  Quite a number of persons are predisposed to being hard and even harsh towards themselves. Ready to beat themselves up at the drop of a hat almost.  Is that you? Why would it be more important to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself?  Some of us find it difficult to forgive ourselves even after others have forgiven us.

May I encourage you to practice forgiving yourself? Release those negative emotions that surround that thing you did or didn’t do. Or those words you said or didn’t say; or that person(s) you hurt thoughtlessly or deliberately.

I would like to volunteer you (yes you read that correctly 😊), to be intentional and make a deliberate effort to forgive yourself…todayYou deserve forgiveness.



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