HIPP Healthy Products Review

In this video, we covered two great products, Salt of the Earth’s Crystal Deodorant Classic and Vivo Life‘s Matcha Powder.

The classic crystal deodorant has apparently been around for more than 20 years keeping users dry and odour-free. It comprises of nothing but pure mineral salt, and perfect for men and women alike. It doesn’t suffocate your pores because it sits on the surface of your skin inhibiting the growth of odour causing bacteria. Gotta love it!

Available on Amazon – https://amzn.to/35rr44N

Next, let us introduce you to Vivo Life’s awesome products. first one, Matcha Power, it is certified organic A grade. It was designed to maximise your energy and sharpen your mind. It gives you a natural energy without the crash of coffee, it is also a metabolism booster with L-Theanine to promote focus and relaxation

Available on Vivo Life website, click here to get a 10% Discount on your first purchase, compliments of HIPP about Health.

3 Ways to use Matcha

Nutritional Details

Nutritional ValuesPer 1g serving
- of which saturates0g
- of which sugar0g