HIPP About Health Radio Show with Guest Lillian Lartey

With great pleasure, we introduce our talented, bubbly and professional show host, Jacqueline Malcolm.

Hear from the organisers of the Get HIPP about Your Health – Women’s Conference, Denise Parris and Colleen Grimmond. Check out our website, www.hippabouthealth.org for more information

Other Guest

Lillian Lartey is a Health Fitness Expert and Mind Body Coach, founder of I Want My Body Back.

She has worked in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry for over 17 years, and helps men and women, mainly between the age of 35-65, to relieve pain, symptoms of stress, and get their bodies back in shape.

As a result of working with Lillian, her clients move freely with no pain, feel relaxed, calmer, lighter, slimmer and have healthier, fitter, stronger bodies.

Lillian’s passion around health, fitness and wellness, has led her to speak on Premier Christian Radio, ABN’s popular TV Series – Family Time, as well as on other various platforms where she shares her message to help people be healthier, fitter and stronger.


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