Henrietta Bledman’s Testimony of Victory of Cancer

Our host, Jacqueline Malcolm interviews the HIPP about Health USA Director, Henrietta Bledman, as she share her battle with stage four breast cancer through chemotheraphy and finding natural health remedies to her ultimate victory through her faith.

About Henrietta Bledman

While for many years Henrietta has been keen on good nutrition for herself and family, as a result of her encounter with cancer she became more focused and determined to learn more about the benefits not only natural remedies but healthy lifestyle practices as a whole. This experience and her being a woman of faith, brought tremendous results in her own life.

Henrietta, has spent the first part of her life becoming intimately acquainted with the goodness of God as a loving Father. As a part of her journey, she has come to know him not only as Father but as personal healer as she has experienced his miraculous healing of her body on more than one occasion throughout her life. Through this, Henrietta is bent on being an advocate and agent of spiritual change in the lives of all who give her permission to do so. She is pragmatic, down to earth, no nonsense and honest.


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