Finding Holistic Healing with Sharon Gardner – Core of Life

Join us as Jacqueline Malcolm chat with Sharon Gardner about finding holistic healing, spirit soul and body.

Nana Churcher and Pastor Agnes Sunu, Core members of the HIPP about Health Movement will also sharing more about the upcoming Get HIPP about Your Health Women’s Conference on the 8th April 2017 at the Holiday Inn – Basildon. Make sure you are registered at or signup through Eventbrite, click here or call us on 020 3239 3305.

Sharon is the founder of the Core of Life approach to promoting health and wellbeing. Where the aim is to educate, equip and empower individuals with the information and resources they need to protect their health and fight disease.

She is a naturopath and a teacher of Pilates! She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Sciences from the University of Westminster, before going on to complete a one-year long diploma in Teaching Pilates. Her motto is that ‘you don’t have to be young to be youthful’. Changing your lifestyle habits and behaviors can be done at any stage of life.

Sharon believes that lifestyle medicine not only transformed her health, but also saved her from a life of misery and dis-ease! As she approached her early 30’s she began experiencing various aliments and symptoms that she was told were normal for someone of her age, by those in the medical profession.


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