2021, A Happy New Year?

All the news on this first day of a new year is still doom and gloom, Brexit and Pandemic, it breaks my heart. So my first post today is to help bring some hope, without sugar-coating it with the traditional HAPPY NEW YEAR.

My message of hope is to remind you that our God is not sitting back on His throne with His fingers crossed hoping that one of the man-made vaccines actually work, instead He provided everything we need to live healthily and fulfilled lives, since the beginning of time. So you know, He already had the cure for Covid, yes the plants and herbs, and all He created for food, packed with the nourishment and healing designed specifically for the human body, He created.

Don’t just believe me, #FollowTheScience, no, not just the bits the politicians, and profiteers choose to highlight in the news. There are thousands of other scientists researching cures that won’t reap billions of profits for themselves and their investors.

Our HIPP Coaches at HIPP about Health are working tirelessly to translate and develop those findings into digestible bits and workshops for you to pick up and run with for your and your family’s health.

Read what one of those scientists, Dr Matthias Rath is saying in his Open Letter to the people and governments of the world, titled “Let’s stop the virus! Let’s end the hysteria!”….at minimum, I hope it makes you question the object of your faith.

Some important points from the letter

Social life is being disturbed, basic civil rights are being taken away, and economic damage in unprecedented proportions is being accepted, all in the name of curtailing the pandemic. And yet neither the so-called ‘experts’ nor the politicians they advise are providing people with the most basic – and potentially life-saving – health advice: An optimum intake of vitamins and other essential micronutrients is a key measure for anyone to strengthen their immune system. This scientific fact – recognized by nine Nobel Prizes and documented in countless textbooks of biology and biochemistry around the world – is notoriously absent from essentially every public health recommendation.

Drink more Vitamin C for a strong immune system is something told for generations. It is one of the few vitamins that our bodies don’t produce but is vital to our health. A Vitamin C deficiency “causes a weakening of the connective tissue, compromises natural barriers like skin and the inner cell lining of the lungs (epithelial cells of the lungs), and weakens our immune system. Thus, viruses and many other infectious organisms can easily enter the body and find too little immune resistance to fight them”.

Vitamin C can help fight viral infections in many ways:

  • Slowing down or blocking viral entry and spread in the body
  • Improving immune function and resistance against viral infections
  • Inhibiting viral multiplication in infected cells
  • Inducing suicide (apoptosis) of virally infected cells

These anti-viral mechanisms of vitamin C have been scientifically demonstrated in a multitude of viruses affecting humans including the influenza virus and more surprisingly HIV, which research studies show Vitamin C can inhibit the multiplication of the virus by over 99 percent.

No, I am not saying Vitamin C is the magic potion we need to fight Covid, it’s not that simple but neither is the process of the coronavirus’ impact on your body. We also need the amino acid lysine and a few other natural compounds which are proven to work in synergy to block viral proliferation and growth.

Whether or not you choose to take the risk with one of the vaccines, let me share with you the actions you can immediately, to protect yourself which will not counter the effectiveness of the vaccine but might even protect you from some of the consequences/side-effects of it.

A healthy diet

    • Vitamin C is particularly rich in citrus fruits, berries, apples and many vegetables. A diet rich in such fruits and vegetables is the first step in optimizing our immune system.
    • Lysine is particularly rich in meat, fish, tofu, milk, cheese, and peas.
    • Green tea extracts can be consumed optimally by drinking large amounts of (preferably organic) green tea.
    • Helpful mineral trace elements are found in nuts, beans, grains, fish, cheese, tofu.


    • In the fight against viruses, vitamin C and lysine – if taken alone – need to be consumed in higher amounts, usually in the range of several grams, in order to be effective.
    • Preferably, these two substances should be combined with green tea extract, proline, N-acetyl cysteine, selenium and certain trace elements in order to take advantage of the synergy effect they produce.

These recommendations are helpful for people to reinforce their immune system in order to prevent viral infections.

If a person is already infected, vitamin C and (if available) lysine should be taken in the form of an intravenous preparation in order to attain maximum efficacy.

The efficacy of high dose intravenous vitamin C in the therapy of patients affected by the current epidemic has successfully been shown in a clinic located in Wuhan, China. Patients receiving this treatment recovered from their infection and could subsequently be dismissed from the clinic.

Why you haven’t heard about this before?

To understand why this is dominating the news, you must understand how governments work and the impact the big business with disease. If you are curious enough to find the truth, read The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre or this summary called, The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry. A movie was produced in 2005, The Constant Gardener, available on Amazon Prime, see the trailer below.

Over the next few weeks, in addition to our HIPP 21 Days Detox and Reset Program starting on 11th to 31st January and our Pastors & Leaders Forum on Health in the Church on the 31 January 2021, we will be sharing with our HIPP members bit size tips and strategies, along with tools and resources to empower us and our families to rise above the noise and pandemonium over the big C word, yes that other one too.

So join us today, if you are not already in our HIPP community.


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