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Congratulations! on making this first step to Get HIPP about Your Health. Becoming a HIPP Member could not get any easier than this.

Below are a selection of very affordable membership options and some of the benefits that you get when you take the next step needed to Get HIPP about Your Health, not just for you but for your family and friends. As a HIPP member, you are declaring that you are Hopeful, Informed, Prayerful and Proactive about yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.

We want you inspired, even more, to spread the great news that God’s has given us all that we need to live healthier lives and HIPP about Health can provide the knowledge you need. So we created a HIPP referral scheme, for every 5 registered members referred by you, using your membership personalised link, you will be upgraded to the next membership level for one year as a Thank You for growing our community and motivating others to transform their health and wellness.

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HIPP Member

Subscribing member
£ 1
  • Access to HIPP Health Articles
  • Access to some Discussion Forums
  • Access to selected HIPP Health Guides
  • Access to some HIPP Cell Groups
  • Participation in HIPP Challenges
  • Access to HIPP Healthy Recipes

HIPP Gold Member

Full Access Member
£ 10
  • Access to all HIPP Member Features
  • Access to Health Assessment Tools
  • 30 mins Free Health Consultation
  • Discounts on all HIPP Events & Products
  • Access to wide range of Resources & Tools
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HIPP Platinum Member

with Health Coaching Access
£ 30
  • All features of the Gold Package
  • Monthly 30-min Consultation with designed Health Coach
  • Up to 90% discount on HIPP Events
  • Full Access to all HIPP Health Guides & Courses
  • Up to 35% discount on HIPP Products
  • Additional 5% of HIPP Partners products
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