Health Guides

  • 3 Lessons

    Boosting Your Immune System

    This program will further empower you to continue on the path of maintaining a healthy immune system or equip you with the tools you need to overcome any attacks on your immunity, e.g flu, allergies, COVID-19.

  • 3 Lessons

    Cooking Oils and When to Use Them

    Some oils are healthier than others, and some have specific uses. Use this easy guide to help you choose the best cooking oil option for your needs.
  • 3 Lessons

    Healthy Habits

    Changing habits is a process involving several stages. Sometimes it takes a while before changes turn into new habits. This course will help you move closer to healthy habits with these simple steps.
  • 2 Lessons

    Stress 101

    We will all suffer from high states of stress at some point in our lives. This course will educate you on what stress is, its effects on your body and how to manage it.
  • 1 Lesson

    Testing Courses

    Test the test

  • 2 Lessons

    The Importance of Sleep

    We now know the impact sleep can have on the body and health. With education on this important topic, we can see drastic improvements in those with sleep disorders and those who are sleep deprived.

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