HIPP about Health joins Check Your Nutrition

HIPP about Health is proud to present the addition of Check Your Food service to our HIPP Gold Membership and higher. If you are a paying Gold member or higher, you will have Check Your Food Premium package access with HIPP about Health.

The all-in-one food, calorie and nutrition tracker

Use CheckYourFood to easily measure and manage your diet so you get all the macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, omegas etc.) you need.

Find out whether you’re getting the right nutrients from what you’re eating and use our nutrition tool to simply adjust your diet, in collaboration with your Free 30 minutes consultation with a Nutritional Therapist from HIPP about Health

What do I get?

Loads of great things.

  • Ingredients & Recipes: See the nutrients in Ingredients and Recipes personal to your RDA (recommended daily amount)
  • Food Diary: Add to your diary on the current day
  • My Reports: View a report for the current day to see which nutrients you need more of. With an easy to understand traffic light system and a more detailed heat map
  • Add Recipe: Add your own recipes and see the nutrient content – see it in action
  • Menu Plans: Create unlimited menu plans with an easy to understand traffic light system and a more detailed heat map
  • Report emails: Showing you how you are doing and recommending foods to eat
  • My RDA/RI Settings: Change your RDA settings if you need more or less of certain nutrients