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We are aiming to be the facebook of health, as a community with the same mission for health, together we are hopeful, inspired, prayerful and proactive about our health and wellness.


Hundreds of online health guides will be available on a variety of topics and issues, including popular ones like overcoming cancer, reversing diabetes, fibroids, and much more.


Join our on-going discussion forums on a wide variety of topics and categories, if you can't find what you are looking for, you can start one and while other members can join in your discussion.


HIPP about Health is multiplying its around the world. We are forming HIPP Hubs to address specific and relevant to the health and wellness issues in small focused groups.

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Tonics That Help With a Cold or Flu

When you get the common cold or come down with the flu, the last thing you feel like doing is to eat or drink anything. However, hydration is essential, and you need to try to get those vitamins in any way you can. An easy way to get your nutrients is with a tonic, which is a drink that not only provides hydration but essential nutrients that help soothe your sore throat and heal your body as well.

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Denise's Blog

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom

I hear many almost everyday insisting that they have done everything possible to transform their health but nothing changed. Why assume you know everything possible, especially if you trust in a God of limitless possibilities?

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4 Things People with Cancer Have in Common

4 commonalities we find and see in people who have cancer ….it’s so important we know this and treat it the right way as fast as possible as it goes a long way in not just healing people with cancer but possibly preventing people from getting it …..almost 97% of all the cases we have diagnosed and consulted with over the last year reveals these interesting trends and commonalities in cancer and the best part is the solution is in our hands , practically and free

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Cellular Medicine

Is Cholesterol a Monster?

Cholesterol is a pliable substance found on-the-go fat/lipids in the blood and the cells. While the Liver is responsible for making most of the cholesterol

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